A reliable seller of houses and apartments in Pustertal Valley

The best price for a property in Brunico? The right one!

Would you feel in safe hands relying on an agency that boasts a wide range of properties? Maybe just the same type as yours and in the same location? Don't you think it would be counterproductive to entrust your property to those who have to satisfy not only you, but also a large number of sellers who actually constitute your competition?

MP Immoselection SELECTS the properties in Brunico and Pustertal Valley that have the same type and the same location. Because those who entrust us with an apartment in Pustertal Valley must have the certainty that we will present your property to potential buyers with the right care and the right conviction. Because for MP Immoselection, you are not just any customer, but you are "The Customer"!

Place your trust in a serious and experienced consultant: the price oriented to the best market possibilities is the basis to successfully sell your properties in Pustertal Valley. First of all, with MP Immoselection, you will not have to sell your property, but at the same time, we will not deceive you with inflated valuations, because these would waste your time, driving away potential customers who are truly interested in concluding the deal with you.

MP Immoselection offers your property in Brunico and Pustertal Valley after having undergone a detailed analysis: preparation is the key to success for us. MP Immoselection assesses the most appropriate marketing actions to reach potential customers, looking between its customer portfolio and new stakeholders.

For sellers of properties in Pustertal Valley who want their wish to sell to be treated with discretion, MP Immoselection guarantees to operate in a serious manner by first SELECTING potential customers, and bringing them to view the property only after analysis of housing and investment needs, in order to avoid those who are simply curious and time wasters.

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