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Your trusted real estate agency in Pustertal Valley

Thanks to a lean and effective structure, we are able to offer very competitive rates. You can rely on MP Immoselection because, compared to most local agencies, we can charge you the following prices:

  1. for purchase and sale: for properties with a price below EUR 300,000, the commission required by law is 3% + VAT; for properties with a price equal to or greater than EUR 300,000, it is 2% to 3%+ VAT required by law by both parties;
  2. for rental of residential properties: equal to 10% of the annual fee by both parties + VAT according to law for contracts of 4+4 or 3+2 years;  equal to 1 month + VAT according to law by both parties for contracts of a transitional nature (and in any case not less than EUR 500 + VAT according to law per party, if the fee is lower)
  3. for entering into a preliminary contract of sale: 0.1% to 0.2% + VAT by both parties according to the case
    for the signing of the housing lease contract: lump sum amount from EUR 300 to EUR 400 plus VAT required by law.
  4. for an estimate of a single apartment from EUR 300 to EUR 400 + VAT required by law
  5. for an estimate of a house/townhouse from EUR 500 to EUR 700 + VAT required by law

A lower commission may be agreed by virtue of an ongoing relationship. For the non-residential sector and for other activities related to the residential sector, an amount will be established as a commission or reimbursement of expenses as appropriate.

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